G-001 Lime Rock - 14.2 miles, Hilly

G-002 Falls Village
- 16.4 miles, Hilly

G-003 Twin Lakes - 28.3 miles, Hilly

G-004 Oblong Valley Ramble
- 31 miles, Hilly

G-005 Cornwall Bridge - 31.7 miles, Hilly

G-006 Sharon - Cornwall
- 33.3 miles, Hilly

G-007 Bartholomew's Cobble - 36.7 miles, Hilly

G-008 Beckley Furnace - Bartholomew's Cobble - 38.2 miles, Hilly

G-009 Cornwall Hollow - 39.6 miles, Hilly
Mostly rolling, one long up-grade, includes Covered Bridge.

G-010 Bish-Bash Falls Tri-State Challenge
- 45.4 miles, Very Hilly
Goes west into New York's Dutchess and Columbia Counties, then crosses over to Massachusetts through Taconic State Park, climbing Mt. Washington. Then heads back south into Connecticut.

G-010B Bish-Bash-Falls Backwards
- 45.4 miles, Hilly
Goes north into Massachusetts, then through Taconic State Park, climbing Mt. Washington into New York's Columbai and Dutchess Counties. Then goes east back to Lakeville.

G-011 Litchfield and Return Via West Cornwall
- 54.6 miles, Hilly
Mostly rolling plateau country, one steep climb.

G-012 Canaan-Norfolk-Southfield-Gt. Barrington
- 63.3 miles, Hilly

G-013 Mostly Back Roads Metric Century - 64.4 miles, Hilly
Several serious climbs connected by rolling plateau country (some dirt, part avoidable).

G-014 Litchfield - Washington Depot - 79.0 miles, Hilly
79 miles with 67 mile option. Lakeville / Litchfield / Washington Depot / Lake Waramug. Rolling 1st half - hilly 3rd quarter - rolling 4th quarter.

G-015 Additional Lakeville Route - 70.0 miles, Hilly
69 miles.

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